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Basic Lymphatic Massage

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Lymph is a thick, clear fluid that circulates through the lymphatic vessels and carries white blood cells to fight infection and disease. Lymph itself comes from tissue fluids and originate as blood plasma. The lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system.

Because many of the lymph vessels, nodes and other parts of the lymphatic system, are just under the skin – moving the lymph requires very light touch of the therapist’s hands and pads of fingers, barely the weight of a teaspoon of water. Thus, the massage is much slower and lighter than most other massage therapies.

This increases the circulation and causes the lymphatic network to enlarge – this is important because this then assists in draining away some of the body’s waste and toxins while reinforcing the immune system.

Drinking plenty of water for the following days after the massage is very important to help the body flush out the unhealthy chemicals, toxins, and wastes that have begun moving as a result of the Lymphatic Massage.

Clients often schedule Lymphatic Massage to assist detox efforts, sometimes to begin a weight loss program, or in conjunction as reward for weight loss goals met.