Saturdays + are back

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SPECIAL NOTICE: In addition to the present days and hours – there are MORE days and times to choose from – to have Connie work out those knots and kinks!!! As of Tuesday 9/17/2013 = Connie is able to book … Read More

Basic Lymphatic Massage

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Lymph is a thick, clear fluid that circulates through the lymphatic vessels and carries white blood cells to fight infection and disease. Lymph itself comes from tissue fluids and originate as blood plasma. The lymphatic system is a vital part … Read More

Swedish Massage – A Short Description

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Swedish physiologist, Per Henrik Ling in the early 1800′s, pioneered Swedish massage. With the Swedish massage therapy, the massage strokes go toward the heart with light to moderate pressure. Muscles are warmed and worked to increase the flow of blood … Read More

February Special

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At Salon Platinum Spa for February – $30 off one of the following = Swedish Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Lymphatic Massage, or Reflexology Variation 1…..OR….90, or 120 minute = Deep Tissue Massage. Also, during February, regular $10 professional Biomat Therapy … Read More

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