Your First Visit

The Foundation To A HealthyFocus

For the newcomer to Massage Therapy we generally recommend starting with a Swedish Massage. It is a full body massage that warms the muscles by increasing blood circulation, helps the body remove toxins, and improves flexibility. You will feel the tension just melt away!

After you are comfortable with that therapy, then make an appointment for any of the many other therapeutic massages offered by HealthyFocus. When you make an appointment, always check our Specials.

You, just like every other individual, are unique. Massage Therapy is not designed to replace any treatment you may be under from another medical or naturopathic professional. If you have any question or concerns regarding the interactions of our therapies and your other medical treatment, please contact your medical or naturopathic  professional prior to scheduling a therapy appointment.

Communication with Your Therapist

We have a Client Intake Form that allows you to communicate your physical condition and any concerns or questions you may have with us. Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first visit to complete the form and for your initial consultation with our Therapist.

By clicking on the Intake Form you can review the form, or print it out and complete it before your initial visit.

Communication from Your Physician/Care Provider

We may ask you to provide us with a written statement from your physician or medical care provider giving permission for you to have massage therapy. We have provided a Physician/Medical Care Provider Permission form for your convenience. By clicking on the Permission Form you and your physician or care provider can review the form, or print it out and complete it before your massage therapy visit.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

If you have any questions call us at (620) 966-0149 or send us an email. All conversations and correspondence are kept strictly confidential.

Some Key Points about Massage Therapy*

Most massage effects can be related back to mechanical forces which serve to push blood into and out of tissues, create changes in muscle fibers, and even move substances through the digestive tract – involving manual manipulation of soft tissues during the massage treatment.

When a client relaxes and stress is reduced from a treatment, any resulting modulation in stress hormones or neurotransmitters would be considered a physiologic effect resulting in an overall benefit to the client.

Also, psychological effects influence physiologic outcomes whether to the good, or to the bad – as in when a client is under a great deal of psychological stress his/her body produces increased cortisol and other hormones which can affect the physiologic outcomes expected from the Massage Therapy treatment.

* Information from Massage Therapy Principles and Practice 4th Edition by Susan G. Salvo