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Knowledge of Massage Therapy and its healthful benefits will help you in understanding how the therapies can be used to enhance your health. Your lifestyle will be impacted! Your actions will be a HealthyFocus!

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Are there any side effects from massage therapy?

Because of massage therapy moving fluids through the body and releasing toxins, there can be a change in the urine color, sore areas might seem to “move”. This “moving” is caused by some muscles relaxing which can causes other muscles to possibly “pick up” the protection of original sore areas. Occasionally, a client might experience a headache or nausea.

The most common side effects are feeling “like mush” because of being so relaxed, wanting to snuggle in for the rest of the day and relax, being refreshed and ready for the day…etc.

There are so many variables in the client, as well as so many variables in the different massage therapies.  That is why we have an Intake Form to complete before or at the initial visit and the massage therapist discusses the information with the client.

Further if a person has never had a massage, it has been a long time since their last massage, or they have health issues and concerns; then we recommend they start with the Swedish Massage first.  Then the Therapist can better assess the needs of the client and make informed recommendations as to benefits in timing and type of Massage Therapies for the future.

How often should I get a massage?

That is very individual.  However, we have seen various benefits last a client for up to 6-9 weeks.  Usually, if the client can budget time and finances, ideally once per month for a therapy session.   Occasionally, if there is a particular issue the client needs addressed, weekly could be recommended by the therapist just to see if the body can get through a difficult spot.    Whether monthly, or some combination of months – any frequency is usually wonderful for receiving benefits from massage therapy!!

Why should I use the Richway Biomat during a massage?

Several benefits derived from using the Richway Biomat are relaxation from the treatment of chronic pain and supporting of the core body temperature. For other see Bio-Mat Therapy.

What can I expect on my first visit?

For the newcomer to Massage Therapy, starting with a Swedish Massage, is recommended. After you are comfortable with that massage therapy, then make an appointment for any of the many other therapeutic massages offered here. Each individual is unique, and Massage Therapy is not designed to replace any treatment a client may be under from another medical or naturopathic professional. If there is any question, please contact that professional prior to scheduling Massage Therapy. Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first visit to complete our Client Intake Form and for your initial consultation. By clicking on the Client Intake Form you can review the form, or print it out and complete it before your initial visit. If you print and complete the form, remember to bring it with you.

How long is a typical session?

Each Session includes 5 minutes for client preparation. So a 30 minute session is 25 minutes of therapy and 5 minutes for client preparation, a 60 minute session is 55 minutes of therapy and 5 minutes for client preparation, etc.

Can my child get a massage?

Parent or guardian present during Massage Therapy Session for children under 18 years of age is preferred. Signature of parent or guardian for children under age of 18 years is required on intake form.