About Us

Our Purpose And Objective Is A Healthy Lifestyle

We want you to have a healthy lifestyle. A life where you can enjoy each day. Where you can interact with those people that you enjoy having in your life. We believe that Massage Therapy can help provide that type of lifestyle.

HealthyFocus, LLC is dedicated to providing information to persons wanting to understand how massage and other natural alternative therapies can benefit their lives. With knowledge, you can:

  • assess your own unique circumstances
  • develop options for your lifestyle
  • develop goals
  • develop a “plan” to reach those goals
  • modify your “lifestyle plan” as often as you want to

Part of this understanding is realizing that our bodies are not comprised of independent systems. Each system (nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, etc) interacts in numerous ways and are inter-dependent. When there is an issue in one system like a sore muscle, it may have ramifications in other systems.

Give us a call, (620) 966-0149, to discuss how Massage Therapy can be a part of your life.